Delivery,  Installation & Payment Terms


Generally the time frame to complete a stone bench top is 7 to 10 days from date of final check measure (after cabinets have been installed).

The Stone mason will not purchase or commit to purchasing on behalf of the customer the necessary stone slabs or material until the order confirmation payment (Progress Payment 1) has been received.

  • On site Check Measure after cabinet installation.
  • Sink, cook top, appliances and accessories being available on site at check measure.
  • Customer having made Progress Payment 1
  • Delays to the time frame suggested will result where:
  • Customers choice of stone is not available or delayed in supply by the manufacturer (i.e. Caesar Stone, Quantum Quartz, etc) outside 2 days of check measure and order.
  • The Public Holidays (up to 4 weeks over Christmas break)
  • Customer should not expect an operational kitchen for at least this 10 day period plus any delays resulting from above mentioned conditions.

Customers choosing to live at the property during this type of kitchen renovation have to accept the inconveniences caused by the time frames specified as a necessary part of the stone bench process.


  • We offer a Sydney Metro flat rate delivery service for all bench tops ordered over the value of $500.
  • Delivery is a ground floor drop off service only and does not include fitting or installation (charged separately if required).
  • Where a delivery is outside the Sydney Metro Area additional charges will apply.
  • Where Delivery is required in an apartment block with stairs additional charges will apply.


  • You will be advised of a tentative installation date at the time of order or check measure. This date will be confirmed by Phone or Email 48 Hours before the actual date of install.
  • We cannot commit to exact an time of day but will advise of either a Morning (7 am to 11 am) or Afternoon (12 pm to 3 pm) window for the install.

Caring For Your Property

By disposition, the processes involved in fabricating and installing Stone Bench Tops are unfortunately unclean, disruptive and inconvenient. Whilst most of the fabrication will be done off site, some cuts, polishing and gluing MUST be performed on site due to access and delivery restraints and the accurate fitting of appliances. Due to the nature of this type of work, it must be made clear that while the intention will be to take the utmost of care, surrounding areas to the specific job may suffer unavoidable damages for which we cannot be reasonably held liable.

  1. Soiling or marking of floors or carpets in and around areas accessing the project area.
  2. Marks to walls in narrow hallways and corridors leading to project area.
  3. Air borne dust resulting from stone cutting and polishing escaping into other parts of the property.
  4. Cracks to surrounding areas of project area resulting from cutting and drilling into walls.
  5. Minor damage to doors, windows, architraves and skirting if left unchanged.
  6. Dust and stone pollution on lawns, driveways, patios or balconies where cutting and polishing may need to be done outside.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take the time to consider just how much dust and other building material residue will occur during the process of stone installation and what measures can be taken to meet your required expectation in preserving your home. Discuss with the Stone Mason the most suitable working methods and allocate where necessary a designated area for onsite fabrication to contain the pollution .

Protecting polished floors, carpets, driveways, lawns and gardens etc is not a requirement of every job and will differ from situation to situation. The costs and time involved in setting up tarps, floor protection and dust barriers, should they be required, is therefore not factored into the price and should be arranged and completed by the customer prior to day of stone installation.