Warranty Information


Engineered Stone - Warranty Limitations

Most brands of Engineered Stone are supplied by the manufacturer with a Limited Warranty of between 3 & 15 Years (Depending on Brand). Customer is obliged to check and satisfy themselves with the warranty terms and conditions of their chosen stone brand prior to order.

The Stone Mason does not extend these supplier warranties and accepts no responsibility for the stone other than for non compliant fabrication or installation methods as set out by the Manufacturer.

The customer must complete the relevant Stone Warranty Registration upon installation and shall deal directly with stone manufacturer in relation to any warranty claim. Customer dissatisfaction with surface sheen, color, or aggregate inconsistency has nothing to do with the Stone Mason and must be taken up directly with Stone Slab Manufacturer. Customers are encouraged to make an appointment to inspect slabs purchased on their behalf in our factory prior to fabrication. This is strongly recommended by most brand suppliers.

Natural Stone – Warranty Limitations

Due to natural inconsistencies, Natural Stone is not supplied with warranty by any supplier.

It is strongly recommended that customers inspect slabs prior to fabrication.

As a rule Stone Bench Tops are not covered for chips or cracks once installed as it cannot be determined how a chip has occurred. Customer must inspect on installation the bench and report to Stone Mason any such defect within 24 Hours of installation providing no other tradesmen or work has been carried out. Beyond that all aesthetic defects, chips or cracks found shall be assumed a result of misuse by the customer or other tradesmen. Joint separation over time resulting directly from suspended floor movement or general building easing is not covered under warranty.


Where a crack or defect occurs in a bench top that has been installed by us and it is deemed this is a result of improper fabrication or installation we shall repair or replace the affected area at no charge.